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          Slow and Steady Wins the Race!
        UNSV英語學習頻道 - Slow and steady wins the race!

        EDUCATION REPORT - Foreign Student Series: First Steps

        作者:Nancy Steinbach 發布日期:9-18-2008

        This is the VOA Special English Education Report.

        This week in our Foreign Student Series, we discuss the first steps for students interested in higher education in the United States.


        One place to go for advice and information about American colleges and universities is an EducationUSA center. More than four hundred of these educational advising centers are located around the world.

        The advisers at EducationUSA centers do not charge any money for their services. They help students find schools and get information about financial aid, admissions tests and visa requirements.

        The centers are supported by the State Department. You can find the nearest one on the State Department's Web site for international students. The address is educationusa.state.gov. Again, it's educationusa.state.gov.

        Another place to get information is at an educational fair. Representatives of American colleges and universities present information and answer questions from students and their parents.

        The Institute of International Education has been organizing United States Higher Education Fairs in Asia since nineteen eighty-two. Last year, more than fourteen thousand students attended these fairs in China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

        The next higher education fairs in Asia are in October. For example, more than seventy colleges and universities will have representatives in Hong Kong on October eleventh.

        Other organizations hold similar events in other parts of the world. Information about educational fairs in your country can be found at the same Web site, educationusa.state.gov.

        One important piece of advice -- give yourself plenty of time to plan your studies in the United States. Educational advisers say you should begin planning at least two years before you want to start classes.

        If you have a question for our series on American higher education, send it to special@voanews.com. Or use the Contact Us link at www.squishedblueberries.com. Make sure to tell us who and where you are. We might answer your question on our program in the weeks ahead.

        And that's the VOA Special English Education Report, written by Nancy Steinbach. Transcripts and MP3s of our Foreign Student Series, and a link to the EducationUSA Web site, are at www.squishedblueberries.com. I'm Steve Ember.

        4-21-2011 22:26:49
        After listening this program,I know something about how to get information about American universities,to get help in financial aid, admissions tests and visa requirements.This program is very helpful,I like it very much,I will persist listen all programs.
        4-26-2011 23:7:30
        I will listen all programs too.haa!
        5-3-2011 21:8:35
        get preparation two years ago before you begin your class!!!
        6-17-2011 17:12:37
        I am planning to start classes in the United States after obtaining my postgraduate degree ,but i really have no idea what I shoud do . One of the worst things is I am poor in english ,especially in oral english .but i have found a practical method in learning English for myself since I have read the VOA Special English programme . Anyway ,I will sitik to it ! God,give me strength! Thanks very much !
        6-17-2011 19:20:19
        It's useful,stick to learn
        6-28-2011 20:15:55
        It's a window of the USA's higher education,I'm eager for this ,and I'll exert myself towards America!
        6-29-2011 7:2:57
        I find I have lost myself in it .
        6-29-2011 11:26:52
        very good!I hope I can persist listening all the programs!
        6-30-2011 14:21:51
        Perfect!I'll listen it all the time
        7-3-2011 10:37:31
        I will stick to learn english until give me strength
        7-27-2011 17:34:19
        I will keep to listening it, until I think it is enough
        7-30-2011 15:20:33
        You must trust you can do it.
        8-12-2011 15:4:7
        this is the right information I want
        8-28-2011 23:27:4
        that's good!
        作者:Darren shi
        10-11-2011 7:10:31
        there 3 ways to have the information .
        作者:Manuel Deng
        11-6-2011 0:9:44
        I'm glad to get more information about the universities i can join in without too much money.
        11-11-2011 21:24:40
        speak english isthe most difficult part
        11-11-2011 23:20:9
        There are more than four thousand universities and colleges in the united state,as a chinese,we can not know all information about them,so we must ask some agency to help us.
        1-31-2012 20:57:15
        love unblieveble
        2-24-2012 10:16:35
        what meaning you say,upstairs
        10-25-2013 15:39:24
        Very good!
        3-26-2014 22:44:25
        This passage just tell little about how to study in America, but it provides a website in which we can acquire the information that we want.Hope that website can give some useful information.
        7-10-2017 16:55:38
        It's a window of the USA's higher education,I'm eager for this ,and I'll exert myself towards America!
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