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          Slow and Steady Wins the Race!
        UNSV英語學習頻道 - Slow and steady wins the race!

        Lesson 267 - You Are What You Wear (1)

        作者:VOA禮節美語 發布日期:10-9-2013

        Cathy 早上上班見到同事 Adam.

        Cathy: Hi, Adam, nice tie.

        Adam: Thanks.

        C: By the way, can I ask you a personal question?

        A: Ask away!

        C: How come you're the only one at the office who wears a tie to work every day? I'm not criticizing your fashion choices, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to.

        A: No. I'm happy to answer that question! I assume you're like most people: you prefer to wear comfortable clothing whenever possible, right?

        Cathy 問了 Adam 個personal question 私人問題,問Adam 為什么每天上班都西裝領帶的,而公司的著裝標準并不嚴格,所以其他人一般都是怎么舒服怎么穿。Cathy 還補充說,I'm not criticizing your fashion choices. 意思是說我不是想對你的穿著指手劃腳,而是好奇。Cathy 承認,平時如果沒事,他就會穿得很隨便。

        C: Absolutely! If it's a special event or a business meeting or something, then sure, I'll put on a suit or a nice business dress. But I much prefer to dress more casually.

        A: I understand that logic. But of course you've heard about "power-dressing," no?

        C: Yeah....if you wear nicer looking clothes, people take you more seriously, right?

        A: That's the idea. I think everybody knows that the clothing we wear affects how others perceive us. But I've also discovered that what I wear affects how I think.

        C: Really? That's an interesting idea. What exactly do you mean?

        Cathy 說,如果有什么特別活動或是要開會,She'll put on a suit or a nice business dress. 穿西裝或套裝,否則的話,她還是喜歡穿得隨便些,to dress more casually. Adam 問 Cathy 有沒有聽過 power-dressing 的說法,也就是說,如果穿得正式,別人就會更把你當回事。Adam 說,他發現,power-dressing 不僅會影響別人對自己的看法,同時也會對他自己的精神狀態產生影響。

        A: Well, there's a lot of research out there that says the position of our bodies affects our thoughts.

        C: I've heard about that. I read an article that said if you sit up straight your thoughts become sharper than if you were slouching.

        A: Exactly! But there are some new studies that show what you are wearing can also affect your thoughts.

        C: Give me an example.

        A: Scientists found that students who were wearing white lab coats performed better on tests than students who were wearing their own clothes.

        C: Ah! So because the white lab coat has an association with intelligence, the students' brains actually got more intelligent?

        有很多研究顯示,一個人身體的姿勢,往往會對人的思維產生影響,比如,坐直了就比窩著的時候思維更敏銳。Slouch is spelled s-l-o-u-c-h, slouch 意思是很放松地窩在那里,蜷在那里。Adam 補充說,現在的一些新的研究結果發現,what you are wearing can also affect your thoughts. 一個人的穿著也會對他的思維產生影響。比如說,穿著實驗室白大褂的學生,考試往往比穿日常衣服的學生成績好,因為穿著白大褂,會讓學生覺得自己智商更高,因此考試時大腦的表現也就更出色。

        10-28-2013 14:35:38
        I like power-dressing in the company ,but like to dress more casually at home
        10-28-2013 15:10:3
        I like power-dressing in the company also, even we do not seriously for this kind of isues. but on the holidays and in the home, i like dress more casually.
        作者:sammy song
        10-29-2013 10:7:10
        you are whate you weare ,so put on a suit or a nice business dress.
        10-29-2013 11:20:51
        Really? I will take off my hooded sweater and put on my coat tommorow.
        10-31-2013 9:19:56
        I like dress casually
        10-31-2013 23:3:19
        though i am still a student but i also prefer a formal dressing when i have an interview, i totally agree that what we are dressing will affect our thought and manner. in my view, i think a formal dressing will enhance my confidence.
        11-2-2013 21:48:50
        I will try power-dressing tomorrow
        11-3-2013 14:12:11
        I didn't care much about my dress before, and I also want to try "power-dressing".
        11-8-2013 7:34:23
        I think I should try power -dressing
        2-24-2014 10:25:42
        3-16-2014 16:22:11
        Power-dressing is great,so I often wear suit.
        3-17-2014 17:55:13
        If you sit up straight, your thoughts become sharper then you were slouching.
        4-8-2014 20:53:46
        Power-dressing is better than casual clothes in company, not only can affects one's thoughts, but also affects how others perceive us.
        5-5-2014 0:14:19
        how come you are the only one who wears nice tie to work everyday? What I wear affects how I think
        6-28-2014 0:45:50
        I can not agree with Adam any more!And is Cathy the CCTV host Ms. Tian Wei? The voice sounds almost like her.
        7-1-2014 18:42:27
        I can agree with Adam any more .I put on a suit or a nice business dress in meeting ,I dress more casually at home or to play .
        7-8-2014 16:47:40
        power-dressing is nessary in some occasion , but most of time I prefer to dress more casually.
        8-9-2014 22:26:13
        power-dressing in the company i like
        8-27-2014 14:51:54
        I do agree with Adam.When I put on a suit,I feel more confident and can deal with everything more effiently.
        10-11-2014 8:58:57
        I agree with the power-dressing idea.Beacause dressing nicer would make me feel confident .Otherwise,it is also presenting polite for others.
        10-28-2014 9:26:4
        I agree with ideas above.Proper dressing not only make us confidence ,but also leave a good impression on their mind.
        12-2-2014 14:31:5
        It is great ,when you wear power-dressing in your company ,you will be thought very professional.
        1-6-2015 11:23:32
        I like the article. How come you're the only one at the office who quickly promote. Successful man need to do more and more than normal man
        12-20-2015 19:36:35
        i think that most people like dress casually,but in some official sites must dress formal dressing that can give you more confident or good looking.
        12-12-2018 9:37:45
        I dont care my dress before,so i lost much chance,i will learn power-dressing in the future
        8-17-2019 11:14:10
        yes, I do think so. Dressing-power is one of the important factor to affect our work/job/life. What you wear affect how you think.
        8-19-2020 22:27:53
        Students tend to slouch when they have class for a long time.
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